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EU must negotiate an agreement that respects the decision of EU Court of Justice

Brussels, Oct 11, 2018 (SPS)- Sahrawi Deputy Minister for Europe Mohamed Sidati called on the European Union (EU) to negotiate a fishing agreement with the Sahrawi people in compliance with the decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), underlining that the new agreement signed by the Committee with Morocco, under examination at the European parliament, doesn’t comply with the decisions of the European justice.

In a debate on Tuesday in the European Parliament’s Committee on Fisheries, the European deputies discussed the implementation of this new draft agreement, adopted in July 2018 by the European Committee and which still must be ratified by the European Parliament and the Council.

During the debates, the Frente POLISARIO’s representative Mohamed Sidati made a speech to denounce the negotiations undertaken currently by the Committee with the representatives of the Moroccan government for the renewal of the draft agreement on fisheries aimed at including illegally the Sahrawi territorial waters while CJEU’s decisions considered this agreement “illegal” and that it can’t be applicable to the Sahrawi territories occupied by Morocco.

Sidati underlined that the consultations held recently by the European Committee in occupied al-Aaiun and in Rabat to determine whether the Sahrawi people support the agreement in question, do not reflect at all “the previous consent of the Sahrawi people” as it was required by CJEU in one o its decisions.

Affirming that “the Frente POLISARIO doesn’t recognize these negotiations between the Committee and Morocco as they do not respect CJEU’s provisions and decisions, the Sahrawi minister pointed out that the issue of Western Sahara falls under the international law and is the subject of a decolonization process led under the aegis of the United Nations.SPS


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