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Trump urged to pressure Morocco to end occupation or held referendum in 2018

Washington, December 3, 2018 (SPS) - US voters and international human rights advocates called on US President Donald Trump to pressure Morocco to put an end to its illegal occupation of Western Sahara or hold the referendum on the territory's self-determination before the end of the year.

"We have this specific request of you: that you ensure the referendum of Western Sahara will be held in 2018, if that fails, that you call for Morocco to end their brutal and illegal occupation of Western Sahara," wrote the signatories of a US Western Sahara Foundation's letter to President Donald Trump.

The letter cited the strong parallels between Western Sahara issue and the themes on which Trump campaigned for President when he spoke of "forgotten men and women," and how corruption in governments can lead to much suffering and unfairness.

"Western Sahara people are forgotten men women who have suffered because of corruption and broken promises over the long promised referendum."

"Republican, Democrats and Independents joined in our appeal with great hope that President Trump could be the one US president who could end this brutal and illegal occupation and bring freedom to Africa's only remaining colony." (SPS)


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