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UK Government calls for the return to UN-led process for a political solution for the people of WS

London, 21 November 2020 (SPS) – The United Kingdom Ministry for Middle East & North Africa has called Thursday for the ‘’return to the UN-led political process as soon as possible, in order to reach a long-term political solution for the people of Western Sahara’’

Minister for Middle East & North Africa in the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, James Cleverly tweeted saying ‘’ We are closely monitoring the situation in Guerguerat, Western Sahara.

‘’I urge all parties to avoid further escalation’’ He added.

UK’s government position comes after many British media reports shed light on the recent developments and the ongoing state of war in Western Sahara since 13 November.

The well-known “Financial Times” newspaper has published last Sunday a report on the military attacks of the Sahrawi army against the Moroccan occupation forces. (SPS)


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