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International organizations denounce Moroccan military blockade on Sahrawi occupied cities

Geneva (Switzerland), July 1, 2018 (SPS) –  Many International Human Rights Organizations have denounced the Moroccan military blockade imposed on the Sahrawi occupied cities and the brutal repression by the security and military forces against the Sahrawi civilians who have peacefully demonstrated Thursday in the occupied Al-Ayun, on the occasion of the visit of UN envoy for  Western Sahara Horst Kohler.

In front of the headquarters of the UN Human Rights Council, International lawyers have demonstrated in solidarity with the victims of the Moroccan repressive machine in Western Sahara and subsequently denounced increase of atrocious violations to human rights perpetrated by the Moroccan state against the Sahrawi civilians.

According to jurists, 70 Sahrawi demonstrators, mostly women were injured on Thursday in acts of violence.

These solidarity organizations stressed, inter alia, the need for the Human Rights Council and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to assume their responsibilities vis-à-vis the safety of the Sahrawi civilians in the occupied territories.

Human rights defenders also waved photos of victims of the crackdown to show the extent of violence and violations against the participants in Al-Ayun protests.

On Friday, Moroccan occupation forces also repressed Sahrawi civilians in the occupied city of Smara who went out to protest on the occasion of the UN envoy, Horst Kohler visit to this city. (SPS)



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