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Polisario Front must be consulted on every fishing agreement that may include WS territorial waters

Stockholm, May 6, 2018 (SPS) -  Swedish Minister for Rural Affairs, Sven-Erik Bucht, has affirmed that the Polisario Front, as the legitimate representative of the Saharawi people, should be consult on every fishing agreement that may include the territorial waters of Western Sahara.

This came in response to a written question addressed by Swedish MP from Swedish Democratic Party, Bjorn Soder, to the Minister for the European Union and trade, in which he demanded clarifications on the mandate granted by the Council of Europe on April 16, to the Union Commission, to begin negotiations with Morocco on the renewal of the agreement on fishing and the position of Sweden.

The Minister replied that Sweden was the only country to vote on February 19, against granting the European Commission authorization to open negotiations with Morocco on the renewal of the fishing protocol, which was supported by the European Court ruling on February 27, which nullified any agreement between the EU and Morocco that might include Western Sahara and its territorial waters.

The Minister reiterated Sweden's position in support of the Saharawi people's legitimate right to self-determination, recalling Sweden's full support for the ongoing peace process within the framework of the United Nations, including efforts to enable the people of Western Sahara to enjoy their right to self-determination. (SPS)



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