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UN adopts recent AU decision on Western Sahara as an official document

New York (United Nations), 2 January 2021 (SPS) - The chairman of the UN Security Council, South Africa's representative to the United Nations, has made public an official letter from his country, which holds the current presidency of the African Union, including the list of the resolutions adopted by the 14th AU extraordinary summit, and the new decision on Western Sahara conflict.

The letter said that South Africa "has the honor to publish the current document, which includes the decisions of the 14th extraordinary session of the AU summit, including a resolution on Western Sahara issue, as an official document of the Security Council".

In the decision adopted at its recent summit on 6 December 2020, the African Union expressed its deep concern at the escalation of military tension between Morocco and the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) in El-Guerguerat buffer zone in Western Sahara, leading to Morocco’s violation of the 1991 ceasefire agreement.

In its resolution, the African Union called on the AU Peace and Security Council (PSC) "to work with both parties (Morocco and SADR), two AU Member States, in order to create the appropriate conditions for the conclusion of a new ceasefire.

It also urged them to look for a just and lasting solution to the conflict that guarantees Western Sahara people's right to self-determination, in line with the relevant United Nations decisions and resolutions and African Union Constitutive Act's goals and principles."

In addition, the resolution called on the "Secretary-General of the United Nations to appoint a UN personal envoy for Western Sahara." (SPS)


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